Learn the basics to cookie decorating.  From flooding a cookie, piping and adding a few fun details.  


3 Cookies with a small Swag Bag:

- Gnome

- Heart

- Mushroom


No prior skills needed!  Class time is approximently 2 hours (time may run over).  Open for ALL ages (if under the age of 12 an adult is required to attend).


**Please purchase one set per person who is wanting to decorate (ie: Son with Mom's help would need 1 set, but Mom with 2 kids each wanting to do them will need 2 sets)


Class time and location:

January 25, 2020 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Huber Heights Public Library



 - If you need to cancel please give one weeks notice (20 Jan) to receive a full refund.  After the 20th no refunds will be given since supplies will already be purchased.  Class needs a minmum of 6 students with a max of 15.

Valentine Trio Class




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