Ice Cream Cookie Kit

-Includes: 6 "cones", 6 "scoops", 4 icing bags, 2 mini cups of sprinkles and instructions.


***Please Note***

When ordering this set, please allow for 2 days until pickup.  (example: if ordering today May 31, earliest pickup would be June 2nd)



For Royal Icing, massage bag to ensure its well mixed.  Start by cutting a small hole and adjust the size as needed.  Royal icing dries fast and will be a little runny.  If would like to make your icing thicker (for writing, details etc) just mix in some powdered sugar, re bag (if you don't have any decorating bags, you can try double bagging a plastic ziploc!)


Additional items you'll need: toothpicks for moving the icing around

DIY Ice Cream Kit




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